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* We Share our JOY with 1881 Parents Gifted a VIBRANT HOME to their KIDS in Amarprakash Temple Waves

Temple Waves - Houses in Chennai

According to a recent study, the increased rental prices are burning a hole in the pockets of a middle class earner. It is very hard to believe that the rental prices are increased sharply by 13.5 %( on avg) in the last one year. So why is this rental price rise happening particularly with Chennai houses? The reason behind is simple; Chennai is emerging as the auto hub of the country with many projects lined up by both government and private sectors. The IT, non IT and other manufacturing industries are doing pretty strong in the city resulting in increased hiring of professionals which in turn has been driving the Chennai houses rental sectors widely.

So when the option of renting houses in Chennai is ruled out the only option left out is buying a Home in Chennai. But we all know buying a home in Chennai is also not very easy as it sounds. The prices of the houses in chennai are going up profoundly thus leaving no way for a middle class and upper middle people to buy Chennai houses. When all the doors are closed, what's the solution? Don't panic we will tell you the way to buy your 1 BHK houses in Chennai, 2 BHK houses in Chennai and even 3 BHK houses in Chennai.

To make the dream come true of all home buyers, Amarprakash builders has come up with a project named Temple Waves in Chrompet, Chennai. The price of the Temple Waves is set so as to make it affordable even for a first time home buyer in Chennai. Buying Chennai houses is no more a problem for any home buyer, especially for people working in multinational companies and IT firms. With interest rates of home loans going down, the buyer will find it easy to pay the monthly EMI and own houses in Chennai rather than depositing huge amount as rentals and resulting in nothing. What more can a home buyer ask for? Temple Waves is the best choice to get rid of all rental worries. Buy your dream home in Chennai today that records no Amarprakash consumer complaints.

On the other end, what has Temple Waves got specially to stand apart? Located in Chrompet, Temple Waves, your house in Chennai, is easily accessible to work places, Schools, Colleges, etc. You can be proud enough that your Chennai home is just minutes away from Railway Station, Bus station, International Airport. Temple Waves township project is very close to GST Road, Outer ring Road and Inner Ring road. By owning Chennai houses in Temple Waves, you can enjoy world class amenities including Swimming pool, Parlor, Gymnasium, Restaurants, Shopping market, multipurpose hall, etc within the township itself. There is no need for Temple Waves residents to go out of the township to avail recreation facilities. If you are looking to buy a house in Chennai, contact Temple Waves to know about the 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK houses in Chennai for sale.

  • Bunjee Trampoline
  • Cycling Track
  • Karate For Kids
  • Net Climbing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tai Chi
  • Trampoline
  • Yoga Space